Benefits of a Full Body Orgasm
for Males & Females

The women who experience an orgasm do so because, as the energy slowly builds in the base chakra it slowly raises to the sacral or the genital area and then slowly spirals upward towards her stomach or solar plexus, then further to the heart center and sometimes will continue onwards from that up to the throat and top of the head. Making her whole body feel the tingly effects of the orgasm, which leaves the woman feeling energized and buzzing on the inside for up to an hour.

Women who can orgasm easily frequently continue to experience more or multiple orgasms in one night.This means that they get to feel the orgasm continuing and ongoing, hence the multiple orgasms just follow one after another. This can be addictive especially if the woman is relying on her orgasm to get her to feel good every-time.

But this comes under another heading of sexual addictions, and addictions come in many forms that include shopping addictions and adrenaline addictions to name a few…

Reason behind sexual addictions

Unfortunately with sexual addictions as with anything it can become projected onto the person who provides it and is then seen as associated with that person(s). This can also happen in a marriage or any relationship where the partners separate, so the person who is more sexually active could feel a withdrawal, and resentment towards their ex-partner without rationalizing that they are after a ‘feel good feeling’ that they have come to depend upon from that partner. This is a common occurrence.

There is a whole reason behind why males love to watch porn, and the reason has never been openly discussed nor has anyone actually wondered why this is so for males and not for females.

Even though females may like to watch porn, its usually in the company of their partner who may like the visual stimulation. Females usually don't need the visual stimulation for sex like males do, and there is a reason for this. The reason has everything to do with the way women orgasm. When a woman orgasms it completely stimulates her entire body, that is to say the women who do have an orgasm, as there are many who either don't or cannot have orgasm, or have difficulty experiencing it.

Why males have a Genital Climax

Males experience orgasms very differently. When a male orgasms he doesn't feel it go through his whole body as women do unless he has practiced Tantra for many years and has learnt how to channel his energy.

Usually males experience a genital climax and for this reason their energy rather than traveling thru their entire body stays at the genital area which is the reason why males want sex soon after they have just had it the first time.

The nice feeling lasts only a few minutes for a male, so naturally they want to feel it over again. Which is the whole reason for watching porn, they want to experience this illusive feeling through visual stimulation.

Ever wondered why women don't watch it in reality? The truth is women don't need to because they experience the feeling that then stays with them for at least half an hour to an hour. Whereas with males this feeling lasts for a short time only, hence the preoccupation with ‘this feeling’ that they imagine has to do with ejaculation, but actually its from the building up of this feeling they get on the inside in the heart region before ejaculation.

As males experience everything through their head or their genitals going to adult services is a fast way for a male to release his built tension and additionally get the visual stimulation that gives them the ‘feel good feeling’.

A male can experience a full body orgasm every-time just like women do…

When a man learns how to, it enables him to feel the amazing feeling tingling through his whole body, giving him not only lasting power but increasing his sensual and sexual performance. Maintaining hardness and greater pleasure for longer, opens up a whole lot more sensitivity leading to ecstasy.

When the man eventually begins to channel this feeling throughout his body, the pleasure increases exponentially and leads him to a completely new level of sexual experience where he gets to know himself as a deeper and more powerfully connected male. This intensifies his performance on other levels besides sexual and gives the male a greater level of attractiveness not only to women, but builds his over all magnetism giving him that added sex appeal that becomes irresistible to women.

The benefits of the full body orgasm for males

And there's more, when males being to realize that the fabulous energy of full body orgasm is sustain-able and within their reach every time and, they get to feel that feeling for at least an hour rather than just before ejaculation. This opens up a whole new way that a man will see his performance and his satisfaction.

Preoccupation with adult services gambling and pubs and porn reduces by 80% because he is no longer chasing an elusive feeling that is forever out of his reach. Everything we do is for how something makes us feel and people pay a lot of money for an expensive holiday just for how it makes them feel at the end…

Now he can feel less stressed more relaxed about himself in all his work and personal relationships, as performance is something he no longer has to prove, as its something he feels on the inside and its projected from the inside out, giving him that charisma that everyone is attracted to !!