Addictions quite literally pull you away from who you truly are inside; and LOVE.

At the heart of you, is “the being”. To identify what I’m taking about here, if you say, “I’m being in love or I’m being with a friend”, or “I’m being present to a sunrise or a sunset”. You wouldn’t say; “I’m doing a sunrise” or “I’m doing a friend or doing in love”.

The head is the doing part of you that plans and makes decisions. The heart is the part that processes feelings and emotions.

IN this part of us there are no addictions just an open feeling. An addiction is an attachment to something, when there is a strong attachment its usually accompanied by a sense of losing something, and followed by fear and constriction.

With any addiction fear and loss are part of the same feeling. A fear of letting go and losing. . . .

Stumbling Blocks called Attachment

Its important to recognize that an addiction doesn’t happen in a few short weeks but happens over several months as a minimum and to overcome it you really need to be patient with yourself.

Its taken me some years to change my own mind set and make positive consciousness a habit. There is also health consciousness and positive relationships consciousness, and you cannot expect its going to take a short few weeks because you have just decided to make the change. If addiction has been a way of life for years it means “the habit” needs to be replaced by another positive habit in its place.

Lets take athletes for example, when you go to the gym once a week you get a mild work out which is different to training for competition sports, which takes on a greater commitment.

Competitive sports people didn’t develop their mind set in a few months, it takes a steady application of “MIND TO MUSCLE” which slowly develops your abilities and a belief in yourself. This gradually develops the “winning mind set”, and needs constant nurturing and support. If you take great Soccer or Rugby players, they are the best in their field, so why would they need a coach. . . ?

The coach keeps them at “the cutting edge” and tells them that they have to do other training besides, what they do on the field. . . . . . . But imagine if one of them said :- “ I’m good enough I don’t need any extra training” How long would they stay at the top . . . . ?

These are some examples that may help with how prepared you need to be to have your success on going and, how much focus is needed, and what to focus upon.

A negative way of thinking only gives you more of the same, when you change over from a previous negative way of thinking to the positive it slowly takes hold and needs constant application.
You can think of this as taking new steps that you need to get used to, like living in a new country or starting in a new school, it takes time to get used to anything new, including a new habit.

When a habit continually gets reinforced, that habit becomes three times stronger and will initially take more effort to change it. When you recognize that the past behavior/habit gave you no joy its an incentive to begin making changes. BUILDING NEW STRONG muscles for your new way of life. . . . FIRST needs you to clear your “GARDEN OF THE PAST WEEDS” that had overgrown your garden.
“The weeds” of fear, doubt, uncertainty, lack of trust, and no faith in your own self worth.

These “past weeds” were nurtured by you without you properly being aware of their control.

But now “the game” is up, you can no longer “trick” yourself and play that victim game. A new time you has arrived for you called patience because now you will begin to build muscles of trust, faith, and inner strength. And it will feel very confusing for a time like the unknown zone.

When you feel that nothing makes sense and no one understands you, and you are sinking or floating out there somewhere in “outer space”. . . . it means that you have “come out of your past shell” . . .

. . . . and will come in for a landing soon. This is the beginning of recovery and patient vigilance.

YOU will see, how it all slowly begins to feel lighter positive and you will gain strength.