Sacred Sex

The key to having magical orgasmic states….

Orgasmic state is spiritual consciousness awakened; those of us who have experienced this heightened state describe it as magical and beyond time. . .

These states sustain prolonged delightful feelings of that transcend the daily consciousness. This heightened sexual experience expands your consciousness beyond the physical. Delight broken down literally is; de - light- full or full of light, which is sustainable light lighting you up from the inside.

These intimate orgasmic experiences have been called sacred or mystical as they go beyond ordinary and have been described with words like :- increased awareness, timeless, energizing, re-charging.

The reasons however that people generally don’t experience this with each orgasm, is because they need to rise above the mundane and see their partner as a being, with divine energy. While this may be easy to do in a new relationship it’s a challenge to see this about your partner when we partake in our daily chores.


Heightened orgasmic - spiritual states

Taking sex to a higher level then is heightened spiritual experience which is commonly what each lover wants to do, but doesn’t know how to because, to take their partner to that level they need the key to access their own higher internal levels first.

When you can “see” the spiritual divine within yourself then you can “see” this in your partner. Sacred is not a religious term; you can see our human existence and the natural laws that sustain order on this earth plane as sacred.

Raising your consciousness is to simply feel that “feel good feeling” consciously, like walking in nature, or appreciating another human being or feeling empathy for others. All these are spiritual experiences just as watching a sunrise or sunset or looking at anything with loving kindness, is a spiritual experience.

To sustain this experience longer and feel wonder beyond yourself is allowing this feeling in your body to stay beyond the moment like entering ‘another realm’. To achieve the ‘other realm’, is joining with another human being, who can raise their consciousness to that level where they want to feel and experience more with you. Practicing yoga helps heightened states and also brings balance to the body.

Heightened consciousness is available to us all naturally. . . With induced drug states the brain goes on overload because the energy has no where to go. . .

When comparing the heightened state with mind expanding hallucinogens, they have a temporary effect because the body alone cannot sustain the heightened state. Heightened spiritual experiences on the other hand develop at your own pace rather than those states being forced.


How Ecstasy works during lovemaking

When you naturally connect to this heightened state with mind and body with a loving partner, the light energy connects up all the cells in the body not just the brain working with electrical impulses. Working with your partner works this ‘wonder’ because your heart becomes involved.

The heart acts as receptor for ‘light energy’ as it ‘steps up the life currents’ of the immune system. This gives your system a boost and a feeling of being re-energized ‘delighted’, as this energy accelerates and spreads throughout the body and you connecting with your heart, the main generator of the body. This is the energy of ecstasy that physically rejuvenates your whole body, and the real meaning of the word delighted.

At this heightened intimate level, the consciousness can align with all the chakras, which are our energy centres. The energy then passes from the bottom to the top chakra. This experience is commonly known as enlightenment and is described in most religious texts as “light of god”, or divine, or cosmic consciousness, but the effects are the same, the individual experiences a feeling of unity with something greater than themselves. This is a feeling of expansion, like your body and spirit have expanded; a unity with divine bliss, divine consciousness, and nirvana.


Spiritual consciousness is beyond the limits of the mind

Accessing the divine within you was commonly practiced in ancient times of China, India, Arabia, Japan and Tibet. Sex was viewed more like a lovemaking art form and an Emperor or Sultan who knew the art of lovemaking would concentrate his powers and only release his seed, to his favourite wife and why many wives were regarded as a symbol of the emperor having ability to hold and control his energy or power.

To achieve this heightened state the lesser consorts came first so his power could be built up thereby he easily could satisfy his many wives before hand. However as sacredness became less sought after, it slowly descended to sex taking place for sensuality only and the spiritual practice of raising energy to contact the divine within and share this heavenly union became lost in time. (see Tantra)

The whole art of Tantra became lost, sex began to be regarded as something that you do or can possess and so women became a possession for sexual pleasures and lost their value. When women lose their value in sacredness men lose their spiritual identity within themselves and our whole focus changes, from pursuing the spiritual heights to possession of material wealth on the outside.

Material wealth with no spiritual foundation has never been able to sustain itself and therefore an imbalance occurs as has happened again on our planet at this time. The only way for us to bring this back is to go within and again start to listen to the stirrings of our ‘inner self’ (inner power) that brings all back to balance.

It is said:- “have a look what your “foundations” are made of and you will know how long your dwelling will stay standing. When spiritual consciousness is restored to balance all else follows suit.


May the long time Sun shine upon you
All Love surround you and the Pure Light
Within you guide your way home