How Males Can Achieve Long-Term Control in the Bedroom by a Proven Simple Technique Achieving Lasting Control
in One Session !

By - Tatiana Per
This course is designed for males who wish to have longer staying power in the bedroom and also for males who struggle reaching climax and for males who have difficulty in staying hard and maintaining an erection.

To have Control of your Ejaculation to prolong your orgasm, so you can last for as long as you want to in the bedroom is a dream come true for most males. It’s what you are about to learn here – not just how this is possible but how to maintain this learnt ability without pills or sprays or inconvenient muscles pressing methods.

The method is explained in explicit detail in the E-Book making it nice and simple to follow.

Many other methods available need multiple sessions to get success with a good few months of trial and error to get results. Men end up spending large amounts of money and often the results are meager and occasional.

“The Orgasmic Effect” is an innovative, progressive technique developed and used for the first time in Australia as a way to bring prolonged pleasure in love making for ejaculation control. You can also use it in any area of your life where you wish to have additional control !!

It’s a simple method using a natural technique that works without fail for everyone irrespective of age – so far, between 20yrs – 70+yrs. It works easily because its based on the same principle as women who achieve full body orgasms.

Women who achieve full body orgasms do this naturally by stimulating their energy in their body without knowing how they do it. In the same way thousands men have now learnt this simple method that has changed their lives all from one 2.5 hr session just by learning how to control their energy.

The teaching is about unblocking and stimulating your energy flow

Whether you are among the males who struggle to reach climax or are premature, it’s all about the energy not flowing correctly. The teaching is about unblocking and stimulating your energy flow, a simple easy method that works for everyone without fail. Can be compared to the same principle as child who's learnt to control the bladder which goes into mind to muscle memory, it’s not something you can forget once you've learnt the method.

When a male feels that he's under performing in the bedroom it not only affects his performance but it eventually leads to a deterioration of a relationship.

A male wants to satisfy his partner or lover he wants to give her the pleasure that she wants and desires from him. But when this is not happening on a regular basis he can spiral into feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-esteem which becomes harder on the relationship.

Practicing 5mins per day is all it takes to
maintain optimum performance

When a male achieves long term lasting ability in the bedroom it increases his confidence not just in the bedroom – but in his work performance also…

Sexual energy is part of the “joy factor” inside us, wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could just turn the “joy” factor on ?

You are about to learn how to, “turn it on” to stimulate and unblock your energy in all its many forms, and how with regular practice you will attain lasting results every-time..

Option 1:
Ebook & Video Course

Access to fifty minutes of instructional video's that you can watch online over and over. The video tutorials take you step-by-step through the techniques and help clarify and explain the process in even more detail. Next to a personal session with me, this is the best way learn the simple exercises quickly and so enabling you to put the techniques into practice even more effectively.

+ 4 Bonus Ebooks


My No Risk 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Hi, I'm Tatiana, I just want to tell you that I value each and every customer. If you have committed yourself to the practice as outlined and are not absolutely delighted with this E-book simply send me an email and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund and you keep the book.

The great news with the “Lasting Power” technique is, you get results after one week

The best thing you will find about maintaining the Lasting Power techniques is you only need 5mins practice a day. Practicing 5mins per day is all it takes to relax and revitalize your energy additionally keeping you positive. The more regularly you practice, the greater is your vitality in your body which increases your energy flow to an optimum level giving you the results you are after.

You become more confident and positive and start to ‘see’ yourself as a more capable person in other areas of your life also.

Additional benefits these techniques have on your life:

  • Adds a greater level of intimacy to your relationship
  • Adds a greater vitality and positive outlook on your every day
  • Substantially reduces daily stress and tiredness in your body
  • Additionally gives you control over your moods
  • Gives you ‘connection with yourself’ (a missing factor for most males) creating a closer connection with your partner
  • A sexually confident male exudes a powerful signal to women through his pheromones, so be prepared for women to start chasing you

Each week with practice you gain an additional 3-4mins and after 3-4weeks you are lasting a standard of 20mins extra, all this with only 5mins practice a day.

At first it’s unfamiliar but as soon as you've learnt the method it becomes automatic. Stimulating and moving your energy in your body is the easiest thing to do and everyone gets it, remember women experience this naturally, and they don't even know how they do it.

A 70yr old man came who didn't trust the technique how could he, he couldn't even ‘get it up’ for 3yrs and came out of desperation. I told him 5mins practice a day was all he needed for the techniques to work. After just 2weeks of practice he went from nothing to lasting 6mins and staying harder for longer each time, he was thrilled.

After 10 months he got himself a 29yr and a 45yr year old lover and now lasts 20min every time and has never been happier….this was 2years ago.

Another man 50yr an overweight security guard came with a little desperation I told him exactly the same thing that he needed to practice only 5mins a day to achieve the results he was after. 12 months later, the 25yr old girl at the office he tried it out with, still visits him X3 a week and won’t leave him alone he says, and he now lasts 30mins plus every-time.


The E-Book is explained in explicit detail making it nice and simple to follow !


Option 2:
Ebook: Premature Ejaculation
The Ultimate Cure

Once you start practicing the simple method, of stimulating and moving your energy in your body you then have this LASTING ability for the rest of your life. The great news with the “Lasting Power” technique is, you start to see results after just one week of practice. This applies to both groups of males; those who struggle to reach climax and who want the longer staying power and staying harder.

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Additional alternatives for your ongoing success

  • E-Book here on line is like doing a correspondence course it takes a little longer but the results are long lasting because the method is like a precise full proof recipe !!

    Results come to everyone who perseveres with the practice, if you're not getting results, you have either stopped practicing or not practicing the techniques correctly. A personalized session will clinch the missing link. Bear in mind you are learning something new and anything new takes patience overcoming the internal critical voice that may be in your way. Any new training takes some time to adjust to, as anyone starting their own business will tell you. I am here only an email or phone call away for your continued success.

  • Webinar usually has approx. 8+ participants in any one session where you can ask further questions on the techniques if you feel you’re missing something. Or you can do a Personalized Skype session with video-cam as another alternative.

    You are opening new doors to your life and adding a whole new dimension, so give the techniques time to work. They revitalize your body when you practice them daily, giving you more energy and vitality. The revitalizing that comes from the practice releases energy blockages in the chakras enabling your energy to flow more freely, which is what gives you the Lasting Power ! Your energy now flowing freely, prevents heart, liver and prostate problems developing in the long run. The webinar is a continued addition where you can perfect your newly found power, or choose a personalized Skype call which-ever is more suitable for, on-going continued success and next levels to mastery and greater control.

  • A hands on personalized private session is the most direct learning method where you get to experience the full effect of a euphoric full body orgasm...

    The techniques open doors you never knew were there, so there is always the next level to attaining greater joy joy that comes with greater connection. This is how our energy blockages or emotional baggage that we all carry, systematically get released. As you get to master your techniques you experience higher levels of your power and sensuality, and males often comment how their pleasure increases along with hardness and enjoyment as, greater sensitivity to pleasure expands with continued practice.


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Some men worry that it just can’t work for them because
they have tried everything...

“I don't want to spend any more money in case it doesn't work for me”…...

If this is you :- Come for an hour and experience the techniques hands on, and you will feel how it is working right away. This can work even on a Skype call so do not despair, everyone can make this work you just have to want to !!

You can then use the E-Book as the back-up for your continued practice and look forward to long-term life changing results !!

Extra Benefits and bonuses

You become part of a whole community of people on line and receive fortnightly updates tips and hints all free of charge.

Its like owing your own car after using public transport all your life or, learning to scuba dive or, ride a motor bike or, learn how to dance, it adds a whole new dimension and enriches your life in a huge way opening doors you never knew were there....