Ejaculation Control

What is Premature Ejaculation?

In its broadest sense, premature ejaculation can be thought of as ejaculation occurring before one or both sexual partners achieve satisfaction. Most men who suffer from PE, often ejaculate before, or within a few minutes after insertion into the vagina. It is not uncommon for ejaculation to occur even before insertion or immediately after insertion. Studies show that the majority of men will have suffered from the effects of premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

The social and personal effects of premature ejaculation are also well documented. Low satisfaction levels of your lover or partner. Embarrassment and reduced vitality. Its no secret that with little or no lasting power in the bedroom, there is less harmony in your relationship, a reduced sense of well being. In many cases there is a perception that everything is lost and hopeless.

In my long experience with helping men overcome and cure premature ejaculation, I have seen incredible life changes in men who have discovered the simple secrets to increased sexual power and control. The shear pride a man experiences when he realizes his new found ability to immeasurably increase the satisfaction levels of his lover as well as his own.

With the ability to have greater performance in the bedroom, comes a naturally vibrant sexual energy, more bounce and self confidence that overflows into all other areas of your life. Tiredness and frustration tend to dissipate and are replaced with feelings of self empowerment, virility and well being.

The effects on relationships is no less impressive. Many men that I have helped, have told me they experience a much deeper connection with their partners and lovers after learning some simple techniques of energy control. In general the quality of their lives improved immeasurably after learning how to control and redirect their energy during love making.

The Causes of Premature Ejaculation.

One of the most fundamental reasons that men suffer from prmature ejaculation is that they do not know or understand how to use and control their

sexual energy. In effect, they actually misdirect their natural sexual energy and end up depleting it.

Its as simple as that!

When there is an inability to correctly move sexual energy through your body, you lose any control over that energy and subsequently over your orgasms.

The moment that anxiety or worry about sexual performance comes into play, or the anticipation of another episode of premature ejaculation, sexual energy gets built up and focused onto the genital area and is therefore prevented from flowing correctly.

Cures for Premature Ejaculation.

The market is well saturated with alleged cures for premature ejaculation. You are most likely already familiar with at least a few of them. Expensive drugs and sprays, some of which often have less than desirable side effects. Then there are the physical exercises such as muscle squeezing. To some degree and for some men, these so called cures may work for some amount of time. But, most of them simply mask the symptoms and often fail miserably to get to the root of the problem.

The best cure for premature ejaculation is natural cure. As I have stated before, "orgasm control" is simply a learned process. Being a great lover is also a learned process. The most effective way to cure premature ejaculation is by carefully cultivating the ability to "correctly move energy" through your body.

This is the secret to ultimately acquiring the long term control over premature ejaculation, that every man is looking for. Control over this energy is the reason that woman can have multiple orgasms. It is no different for men.

For a lot of men energy becomes stuck in the genital area during and before sex. It is difficult to ignore this intense buildup of energy. It gets stuck there mainly because of the state of mind they are in, the anxiety and over excitement.

For many men this energy can build up very rapidly, and if its not re-directed, it will quickly reach boiling point. Within few moments or minutes this feeling becomes explosive. Most men find the urge to ejaculate and release this hot ball of energy simply overwhelming. Tension builds up, the penis becomes over sensitive. At this point, there is too much focus is on the orgasm and this is the point of no return when most men will succumb to ejaculation. They reach a plateau of pleasure then, its "Game over". You quickly lose your erection and with it your desire and energy to have any further sex or continued lovemaking.

Your lover is still laying there and she is very likely to be just getting warmed up.

At that high point of ejaculation your brain receives a rush of neurochemicals (Prolactin) which starts to shut down your natural interest in sex and takes your attention to other things like mowing the lawn or checking your email. Prolactin is a self regulating mechanism that acts like an "off switch" for your sexual energy.

Ancient Taoist monks have taught techniques of making love without ejaculating. The resulting increase in sexual energy allowed followers of these techniques to be able to make love for hours on end and reach atmospheric levels of pleasure. Without the deflating after effects of premature ejaculation.

Once you have experienced that magic state of mind...
where you are directly experiencing (even for a few moments) a totally new ability to control and direct your sexual energy, you will never forget it. It stays with you for life. This powerful energy that you can control, will have a direct and instant impact on how you perform in the bedroom. It will be no less apparent to your lover or partner that something special is happening right at that moment.

Lasting Power Techniques that will change your life

I have developed simple yet powerful techniques that have helped men just like you, obtain total control over their energy and cure premature ejaculation. These amazing techniques that have evolved for over 10 years and have transformed the lives of thousands of men, are not available anywhere else in Australia. They are simple and easy to learn, and have an instantaneous and energizing effect that allows you to stay harder for much longer. I call these, the "Lasting Power Techniques" and they work by addressing the fundamental causes of premature ejaculation. They work for everyone without fail, and significant results are experienced within the 1st week. You get the ability to have control and sustain erection and you see how you can do what you previously never thought possible. Once you have learnt the techniques and you are willing to practice them for a few minutes each day you have the ability to naturally control your energy for life. Premature ejaculation becomes a thing of the past.

What you have to do

1. Book a 2 1/2 hour consultation or come for a one hour preview

3. Practice for five minutes each day. You do not need your partner to practice..

3. Enjoy and regularly practice your newly found skill that will give you results within one week.




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