This is what Tom, a 71yr old client wrote :-

Dear Tat,
Before trying the Lasting Power technique, I would always come within 2-3 minutes. After your learning your program, in just 2 weeks I can now last 15mins before ejaculation. Plus my erections are better longer and the orgasmic feeling is wonderful. I’ve never felt like this before.

Thanks so much –

Hi Tat,
I want to tell you how grateful i am and want to thank you for teaching me to practice the technique that has now changed my life. I found that missed out in the last few years but since i saw you and you taught me, i now last from 5min up to 30min and I am over the moon.

I’m a great believer now, because i just saw you only 2 weeks ago and each day since then i was doing my practice as you instructed. I have to say I am amazed that it makes me feel like 20yr old guy again. I’m so happy about going from 5 to 30mins. You have to believe in yourself that anything is possible to us in this life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to help you out guys, it is worth every single penny.
If you don't believe in your self its not going to work for you. I can’t tell you how happy I am, it has made me so very, very happy.

Thanks a whole lot.
Jonnie – Security Man

Hi Tat,
I can’t believe I used to achieve no more that 10mins max before and now I easily do 50mins. I’m very happy. Thanks for teaching the exercises to me. I feel great.

Tim –Tunnel operator machinery – Bob cats

Well I have a glowing report for you, I find I easily achieve from lasting no more than a few minutes all my life to now 50mins I’m thrilled. This is the best thing ever. Thanks .

Michael – Business Consultant

The techniques are going great, I can’t believe they are working already just after a week.
This is great, wish I knew about this earlier.

Andrew – Reporter

The session was fantastic, I got so much out of it. I have been doing the practice as you said. My whole energy seems to have lifted and I feel lighter somehow. I shall call you and tell you my progress.

John – International Mining Engineer

Hi Tat,
I just like to let you know what a difference you have made to my life. I am able to sustain an erection for a much longer time and can now go for at least 20mins every time. I feel that I’ve turned back the clock 20 years.

You are great. Thanks Again.
Geoff S. – Advertising

Hello Tat,
Your Sessions have improved my life more than I could have imagined; both professionally, and personally. I’m now able to make important decisions more easily; and feel more confident in general. Everything seems to be easier now somehow.
I’m seems to be able to identify and kick out negative and unproductive habits.
The really wonderful thing is that the techniques I’ve learned from you continue to work, and become even more useful the more I practice them.
I’m now approaching all life’s new challenges without fear, and with a happy heart.

Chris Reid – Television Director/Producer

Hello Tat,
The techniques are going great, the way I would describe it is, its working “spendiforously”. I’m lasting a min of 20 min and 40 min after 2 weeks of practice. This is great. I’ve never felt better.

Will keep in touch –
Peter – Counselor

The techniques have made a difference, I learnt them over two years ago and still practice them and even tho I don’t practice them as frequently they still work. Its given me a lot more confidence in myself. So I’m happy.

Thanks Peter

Yes thanks its improved other areas of my life besides lasting longer, I’m very pleased about what I have achieved. Life feels heaps better in general now.

Tony – Engineer

Hello Tat,
I have to say its worked better for me than I expected I’m lasting far longer than you said I could and after a couple of months of practice am now lasting and hour no problem, I can’t believe it. All thanks to you.

Thanks heaps,
Andy – Health Consultant

Thanks so much the exercises you taught me are going great and didn’t expect the results to come so quickly after only couple of weeks. Thanks again

Andrew – Channel 9 network

Hi Tat,
I just arrived back this morning. Have been very busy up North hence the reason for not being in touch.
The session was fantastic, I got so much out of it and have been keeping up doing the exercises as you said. I find on the days when I do the exercises my days are so much more productive I’m somehow more alive.

Look forward to learning more,
John – Mining engineer

Dear Tat,
I was really struggling to hold down a relationship. After doing your one-on-one program I felt that I had regained my personal power and now I see relationships in a totally different light. I feel much more satisfied with my day to day activities, and with my passionate pursuits and I'm engaging with potential partners in a much more positive way.
I want to thank you for the gentle approach you took which had me look at things which were not working in my life and for the powerful approach you used to have me see what I could accomplish - in all areas of my life. I think that what you do is so important and I hope that others can get the benefits you teach, to transform who they are.

best wishes,
Michael – Business Management Coach

What a cancer patient had to say:-

Hello Tat,
At the beginning of the year I found my self with pain in my abdomen and bleeding from the bowl.

The healing I have been doing with your help has enabled the malignant tumor to heal and the cancer in abdomen to heal. The healing methods and program I learnt during the sessions with you have helped me to release the pain and stop the bleeding. The last examination showed no cancer.
I can’t believe it, but believe it, thanks so much. I continue with your techniques all the time.

Thank you, Christian





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